The Alexshin Order

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The Alexshin Order is a global multi-purpose organization, currently built up around two major factions:

AROP (Alexshinian Revolutionary Order Party) is a radical socialist political party establishing power through revolution.

AORA (Alexshinian Order Revolutionary Army) is the armed forces of AROP; a guerrilla movement utilizing armed force against the enemies of AROP.


The Alexshin Order was created on June 12, 2007, with its first major goal being to help people of the third world by supplying food, medical care and new homes. Eventually this generally peaceful group was transformed into a more politically active organization, even an armed guerrilla movement, with the new purpose being to protect humanity in a different way: by destroying imperialism. The growing Imperialism (along with capitalism, corruption, fascism and oppression), is a main enemy of the Alexshin Order, who believes that the world must be saved with a more socialistic government. The AROP is mainly concerned with environment, equality, and welfare, which they feel is lacking in most nations. So far, AROP has shown an undying support for Hugo Chávez, whilst maintaining an anti-american foreign policy.

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